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Ultimate Guide to Having Excellent Sound Recording

Audio recording is usually an afterthought for videographers but is just as essential to your complete product as the recorded video. It is never a waste of time and effort recording a quality audio. You need to have a number factors which if observed you will have an impressive and clear audio at the same time.

The first and most crucial thing is using a high-quality microphone. Due to their low quality, the microphones that are built into camcorders are not the best to use. They do not pick the sound correctly, and at times you only hear the sound of the camcorder operating. It is advisable to use an external microphone whenever you shoot videos. The best choice for a mic when you need a person to be heard is a lavalier of the one used when reading news called a lapel.

It is also crucial to examine the sound. You can plug your headphones on the camera if there is a possibility of doing that. They make it possible exclusively hear what passes through the camera. With the headphones on, it becomes easy for you to know when you are required to speak and when you are being distracted by external noises. For the truest results, it is wise to use the high quality earphones.

The next vital thing you need to do is to limit the background noises. Background noises can be distracting making the editing process complicated. The noise of the fridge humming can be disruptive and therefore it would be good to switch them off. Close all the open windows if there are any to shut out the external noises from the birds tweets as well as traffic.

Moreover, it is advisable to record background sound. Once you are done with identifying the sounds that are almost the same as the one you are recording, it would be wise to capture them a well. You can use the music of the merry-go-round, and that of a pop-corn popper can be used to maximize the moods in a celebration. It helps the viewers feel as if they are with you.

Another essential tip for a better sound recording is to record the background sound. You are recommended to only think about the particular sound that is relevant to your event you are recording and capture those on the tape, When doing your sound recording at a carnival, both the popcorn popper and the merry-go-round adds to your video mood and help the audiences feel as if they are close to you. Consider recording your sounds without having worries about the video film. You are recommended to move the audio clips around and then allow them to play underneath unlike parts of your video whenever you are doing your editing. Also, make sure you are recording without the distractions from the wind.

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